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Side Marker Light

Poison Spyder 

LED Marker Lamp

3 Parts

LED Marker Lamp
  • Can Be Used As Turn Signal / Marker Lamp Simultaneously
  • Includes Pigtail Harness / Mounting Grommet
  • DOT-Approved

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Poison Spyder 

Rectangular LED Marker Lamp

1 Parts

Rectangular LED Marker Lamp
  • Lamps Operate In Minor And Major Output Levels
  • Major Function Is 3 Times Brighter Than Minor Function
  • Red Major Function Is 7 Times Brighter Than Minor Function
  • Provides Marker / Clearance Solution Without Installation Screws
  • Lamps Adhere Directly To Application Surface
  • P2-Rated
  • Electronics Are Completely Sealed In Epoxy To Resist Damage
  • Easy-To-Install Peel-Off Liner
  • Requires 3/8 in. Mounting Hole / Self-Seals Hole

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